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Ladies Night lands on 12 October

New Zealand's sexiest and most successful comedy of all time is about to get its gear off again, in a nationwide tour.

This hilarious new production of Ladies Night promises to be this year's funniest night out as these real Kiwi blokes dare each other to put on a male strip show, after falling down on their luck and needing some extra cash.

A spur of the moment idea rapidly becomes a reality as the venue is booked and the seats sold. With the terrifying prospect of actually having to strip in front of the public only moments away, Craig, Barry, Norm, Wes and Gavin set about transforming themselves from beer belly to Six Pack.
Follow them on their journey as they get to grips with the finer points of seduction, stripping and the perfect wax job. Think Magic Mike with a double shot of Kiwi humour.
LADIES NIGHT will feature New Zealand’s hottest actor, Mike Edward (Shortland Street, Power Rangers, The Brokenwood Mysteries, Spartacus) as head stripper Barry and Mark Wright (Shortland Street, Power Rangers) as Bernie the sleazy nightclub owner.  
Playing the role of Barry sees Mike come the full circle, his career launching in 1993 with an appearance in Ladies Night 2 – plucked from relative obscurity as a muscle-bound decathlete with an interest in the stage.
Mike, who has headed up the Dust Palace circus theatre for the past 15 years, says he can relate to Barry, feeling a little physically broken after years of stunt and aerial work, including stunts on James Cameron’s Avatar, yet still grafting his way in the world.
Written in 1987 by Anthony McCarten and Stephen Sinclair, Ladies Night was a global theatrical hit. The precursor to stage hits like Magic Mike starring hunky Channing Tatum, LADIES NIGHT has been translated into 16 languages and remains New Zealand’s most commercially successful play of all time.
After eight sell-out tours of Britain, it went on to win The Molière Prize, France’s premiere theatre award for comedy, in 2001.

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Published 06 Jul 2023